24-28/12/2021    HKCEC Hall 1 & Hall 3

“Take Your Prize Home” Grand Lucky Draw Giveaway amazing prize this Christmas! From now on valid e-version admission ticket holder can register and become Foodie Bubby Club’s member, and enter the stated expos with the above-said ticket within the exhibition period will be eligible to participate the lucky draw and win grand prize! “Take Your Prize Home” Grand Lucky Draw includes first prize (1 winner), second prize (1 winner), third prize (1 winner), and Consolation prize (10 winners). More details will be announced in The Organizers’ website and Facebook page in November, please stay tuned! How to participate? 1. On-site Purchase Admission Tickets Purchase admission tickets on-site and fill in your personal information on the attached raffle to register and join Foodie Buddy Club, and place the filled in raffle at designated lucky draw collection box. 2. Holder of Admission Tickets Fill in personal information on the lucky draw sections attached on the admission tickets and place the raffle at the designated lucky draw collection box on-site. Raffle Collection Date: 24th to 28th December, 2021 3. Holder of e-version Admission Tickets Scan the QR code on the e-version admission tickets, fill in personal information within registration period and enter the stated expos during exhibition period. E-version admission tickets’ Lucky Draw Online Registration period: 1st March to 28th December, 2021, 7:00 p.m. Lucky Draw Date: 28th April, 2021 The winners are selected randomly by computer and the result will be announced concurrently on the expo’s official website and Facebook page. Subject to Terms and Conditions | In case of any disputes, the Organizer reserves the right of final decision Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.:54139 Terms and conditions: Participants must fulfill the below conditions: (i) must register as Foodie Buddy Club member and (ii) to visit the shows by using admission tickets or electronic admission tickets. Each participant can only win once. Holders of lucky draw raffle tickets are required to place the filled ticket in the designated lucky draw box in the venue from December 24 to 28, 2021. e-lucky draw registration period is from March 1 to December 28, 2021 7 p.m. Participation time is calculated based on the computer system of Hongkong-Asia Exhibition (Holdings) Ltd. (hereinafter named as the Organizer), no overtime application will be accepted. The name filled in the raffle ticket or online registration form must be the same as the ID card. Winners are required to present their ID card for confirmation when receiving the prize. Participants must make sure the information provided are clear and correct. No changes can be made to all submitted information. The winner qualification will be canceled If there’re any incorrect information found. The Winner list will be published in《Sing Tao Daily》and《The Standard》on April 30, 2021, and will be announced on the show official website (www.megashow-expo.com.hk). The Organizer will inform the winners by phone and email within 7 days after the lucky draw result announced. No notification will be made to those who are not drawn. If the Organizer fails to contact the winners within 7 days, the qualification will be canceled and no special arrangement will be made. Winner under the age of 18 must receive the prize accompany by their parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must provide proof of their identity, such as the birth certificate of the minor winner, the legal document of the guardian's identity, etc. The Organizer will not arrange the mailing service of the prizes. Winners must receive the prize at the Organizer’s office in person. The prize cannot be received within the specified time and place will be deemed as a waiver. All prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other products. The Organizer will not be responsible for the quality, salability or suitability of any prizes. The Organizer will not be responsible for anyone’s loss or damage caused by participation in the lucky draw. Request to the Organizer to compensate or make recovery will not be accepted. All personal information collected is confidential. The Organizer will use the information for the following purposes: (i) contact the winners, (ii) verify the identity of the winners. With participants’ consent, personal data will be used for future promotional purposes and receive relevant member information and discounts. The Organizer reserves the right to use the winners’ name, images and photos for the lucky draw marketing and promotion. The Organizer, exhibitors, and its’ employees are not allowed to participate in the lucky draw. The Organizer shall have unfettered right to postpone and reschedule the exhibition in the event of force majeure (not attributable to the act of default the Organizer). If there is any difference between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail. Participants must agree to be bound by these terms and conditions In case of any dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final decision.
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